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Brittney Mahler

Miss Washington America 2011, Spokesperson

I came to Natalie after the holidays when I was unhappy with the way my body looked after putting it through years of fad diets and workouts. Working with Natalie was a truly wonderful experience. She really listened to my concerns about the changes I wanted to see in my body and the methods I'd tried previously without results. I was able to tell her very specifically WHERE I wanted to target. an she identified different exercises that I liked and and didn't like and built my program around all of these factors to maximize its effectiveness. She even reviewed the equipment that was at my out of state gym in order to build a program I could do outside of Washington. What impressed me most about Natalie was her deep understanding of the process and her empathy, as a fitness competitor herself, she understood the unique motivation challenges and she communicated with me regularly to keep me motivated and remind me of my goals to keep going strong. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for fitness coaching and particularly to woman in the competition or pageant areas- she understands the process, and the desired results and will help you get there!

Brittney Mahler (Henry), Los Angeles

Janene Drafs

Vice President of Sinclair Media and General Manager at KOMO 4 Television

As a busy executive and working Mom it's unbelievably challenging to find time to work out.   I was referred to Natalie by a colleague who told me I would love her approach, and that she would make it easy for me to get back in a workout routine that would deliver results.  He was right!   Natalie is skilled in assessing her client's strengths and weaknesses, then setting goals and training regimes that allow you to see success almost immediately.   It had been years since I had trained regularly, and she understood when to push and when to back off.   I'm still a work in progress - always will be - but with Natalie's guidance I feel better now than I did 10 years ago. 

Janene Drafs, Seattle

Kristin Kaiser

Physician Assistant

" So…I first met Natalie by chance. We just so happened to be on the same flag football team and met through some mutual friends. All I remember when I saw her was…wow this girl has an amazing body, and how do I get that?? Well after some small talk I asked what she did for a living and she just so happened to be a personal trainer. Never, ever having lifted weights before or having a trainer I was immediately intrigued and we soon had our first workout session. I started out pretty shaky but in no time, Natalie had me whipped into the best shape I have ever been in. She listened to my fitness goals and what the results were that I wanted, and formulated a plan that fit for me. I not only had I found a personal trainer, I had a pretty awesome friend. That is why it was so difficult to tell her that my husband had accepted a transfer position at work and that we were moving to Virginia. After the move, my husband and I soon found out we were pregnant and I knew I wanted to stay as fit as possible throughout the pregnancy. That is when Natalie and I put together a “remote” fitness plan and now we Face time while at the gym. She critiques my form and always gives helpful pointers to get the most out of my precious gym time. All in all she is a fantastic trainer and even better person!!!


Kristin Kaiser, Rockville

Patty McDermott Dean

National Sales Manager

KOMO 4 Television

I started working with Natalie beginning of November. I had not worked out in a very , very long time and was in the worst physical shape I have ever been in. To be honest , I thought I would quit after the first three sessions, believing it was too hard. Natalie stayed close and very supportive and kept me moving forward. The workouts are varied and interesting and I can truly say that I have more energy and now feel so much better. Natalie is an experienced and dedicated trainer . I would recommend her to anyone , at any fitness level.   


Patty Dean, Seattle

Greg Uratsu


Poker Player


"My work with Natalie aimed to reduce my overall weight to increase my speed and endurance on the basketball court.  I was thrilled when my weight reduced from 215 lbs. to 185 lbs. in 6 months!  Natalie formulated a dietary and nutrition program to compliment my workout and weight loss goals.  She tweaked my weekly workout routine by adding in high intensity interval bouts – helping to burn additional fat and improve my cardiovascular endurance.  Overall, my weight loss and performance on the basketball court has gone beyond my expectation.  Natalie has been very careful and considerate in balancing my budget, schedule, and goals to help maintain my new weight for the past 2 months.  Thanks Natalie!"      


Greg Uratsu, Seattle

Mike O'Hearn

4-Time Mr. Universe, Former American Gladiator, Muscle & Fitness Columnist

I've worked out with Natalie and have seen her compete on stage. Whether your goals are to get in the best shape of your life or simply ramp up your current regiment, she's a beast. Her knowledge of lifting and general enthusiasm is reflected in her training. One session with her and you'll be hooked.


Mike O'Hearn, Beverly Hills

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