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What We Do

As a Fitness Professional, Its important to provide you with safe and effective workouts. We'll go over your history, goals and abilities and devise a gameplan for your success.  Below is a rundown of what we offer.

Private Training

Custom-designed programming based on your specific goals and needs. Initial session includes: body fat measurements, nutrition recommendations, along with a prescribed strength and cardio regiment to get you where you want to be. 60-minute session.  

10 Sessions: $105/Session = $1,050

20 Sessions: $95/Session= $1,900

50 Sessions: $83/Session= $4,150

Semi-Private Training

Team up with two or more for a strength-building, fat-blasting workout. Learn how to move properly and gain strength in areas you didn't even know you had. Burn calories and feel great while doing it. Requires two or more for this 60-minute workout.  

10 Sessions: $1,200

20 Session: $2,300

50 Sessions: $5,000

Online LIVE Remote Personal Training

Don't live in Arizona? Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp and email correspondence can give you all the accountability you need to stay on track. For remote clients, weekly check-ins and adjustments are still necessary so you don't plateau.

10 Sessions: $1,050

20 Sessions: $1,900

50 Sessions: $4,150

Recommended Frequency: 5x/weekly

Practice Areas
  • Corporate Training

  • Sport-Specific Training

  • HIIT Bootcamps

  • ​Nutrition Guidance

  • Couples Training

  • Functional Training  

  • Core Training

  • Corrective Stretching

  • Flexibility 

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